• You are stressed at the thought of cooking the same old unhealthy recipes.
  • You are tired of spending all your time in the kitchen rather than on your prayer mat.
  • Your schedule is jam-packed with work, a household and kids activities, and you have no time for yourself.
  • You feel alone and overwhelmed.
  • You want to prep, shop and cook better but unsure where to start.

Look No Further Our Ramadan E-Book Guide Is For You!

This Is More Than E-book, It's An All-Inclusive Holistically Framed Program That Address All Your Concerns.


  • A comprehensive guide with detailed content on health and productivity tips for prior and during Ramadan.
  • A complete cookbook with over twenty-five healthy recipes that will save you time and money.
  • A one-week meal plan that will take all the guesswork out of what's for Iftar.
  • A full grocery list of all the recipes mentioned to help you shop like a pro.
  • Printable templates and worksheets for tracking your progress and goals.
  • Bonus content such as coloring pages and book lists for both kids and adults.
  • FINALLY, a private Facebook group for those seeking a virtual sisterhood during Ramadan.

Remember this is YOUR Ramadan, YOUR journey and YOURS alone. Become YOUR best version. Focus on YOU and seek to grow even if it's just by an inch.  


Comprehensive Guide  



  •  What Is Productivity In Islam?
  •  How Can I Manage My Time And Balance All My Responsabilities?
  •  How Can I Carve More Time For Worship?
  •  How Can I Maximize My Time?
  •  Physical Productivity And Self-Care
  •  Social Productivity
  •  Ramadan And Loneliness
  •  Spiritual Connection
  •  Habits And Ramadan
  • Goal Setting For Ramadan


  •  The Health Benefit Of Ramadan
  •  Fasting And Our Digestion
  •  Healthy Eating Habits From The Sunnah
  •  Your Body During A Fast
  •  Foods Mentioned In The Quran
  •  Exercice
  •  Practice Gratitude
  •  What Is Meal Planning?
  •  Benefits Of Meal Planning
  • Shop And Cook Like A Pro

Healthy Can Be Delicious


We have compilled over 25 healthy recipes to give healthy options for Suhoor, Iftar and anything in betwen. The recipes are versatiles and easily adaptable to fit your lifestyle.

Meal Plan  

Unsure on how to set up a meal plan for Ramadan? You will receive a one-week meal plan to inspire you. 

Grocery List  

Who wants to waste precious time at the grocery store? We have included a grocery list for all of our recipes. This will save you both time and money.

Wait There's More

Bonus content  

As a bonus we have include a book list and coloring pages for both kids and adults. We know it's important to also include the kids and keep them engaged.

Templates and Worsheets  

Fun worksheets and unique templates to keep you on track. You will be able to print these daily and weekly worksheets accordying to your needs.

Facebook Group  

Ramadan can be a lonely time for some of us. Join our private Facebook group for support and meet like minded sisters. We will have weekly challenges and discussions.


" This Ramadan Program is exactly what I have been searching for. Each year I set out to look for a program that will help me stay healthy and create realistic goals I can tract. Finally, this is everything in one."

"This Ramadan Prep Program has it all, the recipes, the information, the tips, and advice as well as the templates and so much more. It is truly a comprehensive guide to transform your Ramadan. I know it will be my go-to guide from now on."

"Being a mother of two kids my Ramadan usually consists of trying to get everything done on time. While being hungry, tired and often forget to do the simple things like did I read enough Quran? What actions have I done differently in this month then every other month? Am I making the most of this holy month? I really believe this prep guide will give me all the tips I need to make this a better Ramadan spiritually than the last! "  

Meet The Authors

Idil is a Registered Nutritionist and Health Educator, with a BASc in Food and Nutrition. She has over 10 year experience working with clients in both a clinical and community setting. 

Fundamental to Idil’s practice is an integrative approach to health, that puts emphasis on working alongside other healthcare practitioners. Her customized approach to nutrition counselling and holistic health is a unique blend of science, experience, both professional and personal that goes beyond the conventional training she received in university and the training she got a as health coach. She strives to educate and inspire her clients to prioritize themselves, reclaim their health and feel their best from the inside out.

Rahma is a self-published author and a mother of three young kids. Noticing a lack of diversity in the market for Muslim Children books and recollecting her own struggles of growing up as an immigrant, she became determined to offer books centered on characters that are Muslim and with African roots. 

She released her first picture book title, Muhiima’s Quest, in 2017 and her second book, Little Brother for Sale was released in the summer of 2018. Rahma believes that children need to be able to identify themselves in the books they read to enhance their self-confidence as well as bolster their sense of pride. She juggles a full-time job, her writing schedule and home life, so she knows a thing or two about time management and being productive


Q: Will these recipes suit my special diet requirements?

A: There are so many books and so much information out there that talk about healthy eating. The truth is that it is impossible to define one single meaning that is the same for everyone. there is no one-size-fits-all approach.Feel free to adapt this to fit your lifestyle, your unique circumtances, and preference.  

Q: I have some food allergies can I make subtitutions to the recipes?

A: All the recipes are easily adaptable we encourage you to make substitutions, and hope to empower you to explore new flavors.

Q: I don't think I will have time for all this.

A: We are not looking for you to do all the things detailed in this Program. You might only be able to take one or two actionable tips that will work for you, and that's ok. This Program is, not another item to stress about or add to your ever growing to do list. We value your time, and we want you to be intentional in how you spend it. 

Q: I dont have facebook or do not want to join the group. Is that neccesary?

A: We wanted to offer a safe space for those who might want a community of sisters this Ramadan. If however, you do not want to join or do not have Facebook it's not a problem. This just an added feature not a requirement in receiving or benefiting from the program.


Are You Ready To Invest In Your Ramadan Journey?